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Adventure maps


Within Minecraft it is possible to create your very own game levels: these levels are called “Adventure Maps”. Minecraft Adventure Maps can be compared to World of Warcraft instances or raids. Adventure Maps can host numerous features, including puzzles, traps, dungeons, and a lot of monsters. Some Adventure Maps also feature survival gameplay, or a nice story, such as this one:

Doom by SlamBamActionman

-You slowly open your eyes, and find yourself staring at wall. Your cheek is flat against a soft, comfy bed. You roll around, and jump off the bed. Looking around, you see that you are inside a hotel room. You can’t remember anything, but you don’t like the situation. The door is locked, and the “bell” that is suppose to call for help is out of order. What now?

Det er planen å lage et eget portalrom/område for adventure maps der vi kan sette opp skilt på veggen ved siden av portalen med poengscore etter fullføring, som en slags highscore liste. Yes/no?

Er det et adventure map du gjerne vil ha på serveren?
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Vi kan ha så mange maps på serveren som vi bare vil :D


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